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Dave Denniston, CFA

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What People Are Saying:

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    Dennis Hursh

    Author of “The Final Hurdle”

    This book is an important primier for physicians at any stage of their career... I think this book belongs in every physician's library. 

  • Ramsey Tate, MD


    A must read for physicians at all stages of their careers. Freedom Formula for Physicians eschews tired tips and the same old advice about budgeting to fcous on the successful mindset that separates the financially savvy from the paycheck-to-paycheck crowd. Denniston has laser focus on how to make finances support your life, not the other way around

  • Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC

    The Entrepreneurial MD

    Unless you have some big fancy economics or MBA degrees behind your name, I believe even those of you physicians or readers who consider yourselves financially literate will benefit from the primer's many insights.

So What’s The Book About?

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Keep MORE of your hard-earned money while paying off school loans FASTER
  2. Learn the hidden tax savings and strategies that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars
  3. Learn the 10-minute test that you could apply EVERY YEAR to protect your portfolio from shocking losses & ensure you don't have to start all over again
  4. Protect your family without paying thousands of dollars to an attorney sing these three FREE tips

About The Author

Dave Denniston, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), is an author and authority for physicians providing a voice and an advocate for all of the financial issues that doctors deal with. He is the author of 5 Steps to Get out of Debt for Physicians, The Insurance Guide for Doctors, The Tax Reduction Prescription, and his new book, The Freedom Formula for Physicians.  He hosts a podcast for doctors and the issues they face at www.DoctorFreedomPodcast.com. 

In working with clients for over 10 years, he has seen most every situation imaginable. His drive and passion to see every doctor’s financial situation improve by eliminating their debt and reducing their tremendous tax burden. 

His drive to help doctors came from the birth of his youngest child, Evangeline. She is his family’s little miracle baby born in May 2012 four months prematurely at a weight of 12.5 oz (3.5 oz short of 1 pound!).  He decided from then on that he was on a mission to help physicians and the best way to do that was to write, speak, and meet with people individually to council with them on their financial situation.

You can follow him on his website:


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